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Supporting Social Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders since 2009

The Social Value of Good Community

The Social Value of Good Advice

The Social Value of Good People

“There is a deep relationship between the inner revolution of sharing wisdom and the transformation of social structures.

Our hope lies in the fact that learning through wisdom is going to change the society that we live in.”

Liz Douglas, Founder

Roots & Branches is an innovative social consultancy providing the building blocks to rebuild the fabric of social business, grassroots communities and public services.

Using our lived experience, we develop strong leaders who specifically wish to transform grassroots communities and make a positive contribution to society.  
Our mission is to engage and grow both the root and branch of the social enterprise world, one community at a time. We aim to assist those communities with the tools, learning and healing routes they need to transform themselves.

Roots & Branches is a grassroots led business reaching and teaching grassroots, funders and investors how to overcome economic barriers.

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